Advanced scholarship reverberant with modern society

OSAKA SEIKEI UNIVERSITY houses two contrasting faculties | the gFaculty of Modern Management Informationh and gFaculty of Art & Designh | whose educational objective is the nurturing of individuals with professional knowledge and skills in their chosen field of expertise.  gAdvanced scholarship reverberant with modern societyh is a common theme to both faculties.  Spurred on to make better use of information by steady progress in the IT field as we enter the twenty-first century, we offer an education that stimulates individuals to bring about a wholesome life through the creation of new values.

Faculty of Modern Management Information

The Faculty of Management at OSAKA SEIKEI UNIVERSITY sets up two courses ebusiness administration career coursef and einformation career coursef. After studying the foundation of business administration and information in the first year grade students can make special studies at each course while learning subjects in the common field which extend over both business administration and information. In the modern life business administration and information are related not only to the business world but to all our life. To show onefs full power in a firm or an organization it is indispensable to understand the theory and skill of management and information deeply for their full practical use. The faculty trains a business person and a specialist in the field of information system as the person with the theory and skill of both management and information whom all the firms and the organization want.

Modern Management Information

eCareful Educationf by small classes trains studentsf warm and rich mind with responsibility.

  1. Each of seminar classes I, II, III has 10 students on average to realize eCareful Educationf.
  2. The substantial and practical business education by teachers of business experiences is advantageous for a student to find a job.
  3. 500 personal computers freely usable in the campus are set as almost all students can use one (one per student).
  4. The fit and quick attention is paid to each student according to the studentfs individual card system.
  5. eThe window for any consultationf (by full-time counselors), supports students in cooperation with homes, students and the university.
  6. FD (Faculty Development) system utilizing ICT (Information Communication Technology) is carried out.

Business Administration Career Course

Letfs work as a business person with the knowledge of business administration and the skill of information!

eBusiness Administration Career Coursef provides subjects of business administration chiefly and lessons related to fields common to business administration and information, and then trains an expert on business administration. Students in this course can have the knowledge and sense of business and management with an ethical viewpoint and master how to use a personal computer, moreover can solve the business problem, start a new business with the knowledge of IT and aim to be a business person who will be able to work in every field of many companies and public bodies.

Information Career Course

Letfs learn the skill of information predominantly and business administration as well, for the purpose of the possibility of working in the field of the information system!

The knowledge and the technique of information are indispensable in any working field in the modern society. eInformation Career Coursef trains the students to be the system designer, the IT coordinator and the CIO (Chief Information Officer) who can adapt his own idea to organize the information department in the company. The students in the course can learn the skill of information predominantly and the basis of business administration as well, so they can get the knowledge of the common field to both information and business administration fully.

Moreover, six sections are established in the curriculum to fix studentsf own course for the future and learn more special and technical knowledge.

›Informational Technique Section
trains students to pass the examination of eIT PASSPORTf, eTechnical Expert of Fundamental Informationf, eTechnical Expert of Applied Informationf approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

›Business and Money Administration Sectio
trains students to raise business management ability, fundamental accounting competence and, moreover, dare to take higher qualifying examinations.

›Business Starting Section
trains students to get enterprising sprit and learn how to start, enterprise and manage a firm from the starters of new business and entrepreneurs engaged as lecturers by the university.

›Public Servant Section
trains students in the seminar class to pass civil-service examinations and prepares for studentsf employment tests in cooperation with vocational schools outside the university.

›Teacher ?Training Section
trains students perfectly to get three kinds of teaching certificates of an elementary, a middle, and a high school, and pass the employment examination.

›Foreign Language Section
trains students to master English common in the world and to pass the Practical English Skill Test and the certifying language tests.

Faculty of Art & Design

Our gFaculty of Art & Designh works to gcultivate creators for the future with the intent to communicate with society from a wider perspective and with flexible sensibilityh, with the goal of nurturing human talent able to craft the new value required by future generations rich in both originality and sensibility. 


In each faculty, we provide our students with education for the creation of new values and objects that enrich our lives through each and every individualfs originality, as well as for the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills to fulfill our roles in society, placing importance on education for the development of human potential, such as gintelligence in actionh, gskills that create ideash, and guseful social sensibilitiesh.

The University has a professoriate starting with personnel experienced in corporate management strategy and various business professionals, including software developers, and active artists and designers.  The lectures and seminars run by these instructors are all practical, and certainly provocative for students aspiring to be professionals in each field.  These courses offer not only professional knowledge, but also skills and the intelligence required to solve real-world issues. 

We strive to cultivate talented researchers or creators who can flourish over the next 20, or 30 years, as well as capable personnel that can sensitively capture and meet the needs of society or the times.  A number of international students have already been creating new possibilities with awareness of autonomous learning by discovering research subjects of their own interest.  

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